What to Look for in a Background Check Provider

When any company is hiring, it looks for candidates that are bright, skilled, and a healthy culture fit. Yet, one crucial factor supersedes it all: trust. Great teams are made up of talented people you and your customers can trust. That’s why most employers seek the additional assurance of a background check for employees.

In my time in the background screening biz, I have met people who can’t tell the difference between providers, and others who are overwhelmed by the options. It’s understandable—with new startups entering the industry and websites full of acronyms and jargon, it can feel like a complex learning curve. The truth is, not all background checks are the same—and it’s worth making a smart decision.

Here is an easy guide to choosing a background screening provider you can trust.

1. Check for a truly thorough criminal search

Some low-budget screening…

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