Top Interview Questions for Finance & Accounting Leaders

Among other areas of industry focus, Nicole Coe, SPHR, CPC, CPP, in her role as Principal – Team Leadership and Full Cycle Recruitment, TRG Search Partners LLC, recruits finance and accounting leaders in the real estate development, manufacturing and public accounting space.

Some of the challenges Coe faces in recruiting this type of candidate include identifying individuals who can pick up the pieces from some sort of failure. This is because “managing people tends to be an area where many individuals have not been adequately trained/mentored,” says Coe.

“Many inherit a (management-level) role based on quality skills in the industry, good work habits or other areas where they have been stellar and also when someone has departed. So, the next person in line moves up, which is not always a win-win,” explains Coe.

Amid a plethora of questions Coe asks during…

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