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We extend our DevOps members the opportunity to be hired at top global companies as well as innovative high growth startups. When you join our DevOps talent community you can leverage the Talent Cloud careers team and community to build relationships with leading companies and other DevOps engineers. 

Ideal DevOps members will have at least 4 years’ demonstrable experience in any of the following (more the better):

  • Containers and container orchestration technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Databases and implementing databases at scale (MongoDB, SQL)
  • AMQP, MQ, or other message broker software (RabbitMQ)
  • General programming language (Python, Ruby, Go)
  • Scripting language (Bash, Powershell)
  • Strong working knowledge of infrastructure components at scale
  • Experience of logging and monitoring software (Graylog, Prometheus)
  • Resiliency, Performance, Stability testing
  • Strong experience and knowledge of security
  • Strong troubleshooting experience

If your a problem solver that likes to work with the latest tools and technologies then signup today… we welcome software developers, infrastructure administrators, and enterprise architects who can plan for, implement, and maintain software solutions across numerous deployment project

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