6 Irish tech companies set to make waves in 2020

6 Irish tech companies set to make waves in 2020

Ireland is quickly becoming a hub for tech with the docklands area commonly becoming known as our own silicon valley. When we think of tech hubs, connotations spring to mind of San Francisco, Tel Aviv and London but Dublin is quickly making its own stamp. Dublin is attracting top companies and top talent and is now a force to be reckoned with. It has an incredibly diverse and multi cultural community that gives it a unique and dynamic energy. It is the headquarters of some formidable well known global brands such as Google, Facebook and Dropbox. However aside from these key players, Dublin is also home to a number of homegrown Irish companies that are taking the market by storm. Here’s 5 Irish tech companies set to make waves in 2020.


Fenergo is a leading provider of client life-cycle management, anti-money laundering and kyc for investment, corporate, commercial and private banks. Every financial system in the world is facing what Fenergo have coined as a ‘perfect storm’ in terms of a hectic increase in regulation. This is putting a notable strain on banks to collect more data and documentation from clients and is increasing the cost of compliance. Fenergo’s client base is extensive and includes big players like BNY Mellon, BBVA, Westpac and Scotiabank. Fenergo is rapidly becoming the industry standard for client life-cycle management solutions. Although headquartered in Dublin, the reach of this company is global with offices in New York, Sydney, Dubai and Toronto amongst many more. Fenergo is making  online banking a more streamlined and compliant service and we think that’s pretty great. To find out more about Fenergo, visit their website here.


Acetech is a global manufacturer of vehicle intelligence for emergency services. Their solutions include cloud based fleet management, software specialist safety, ecofriendly modules and intelligent electronic control units. Acetech’s solutions integrate seamlessly with their client’s emergency service vehicles to boost performance, improve safety and revolutionize the operation of fleets. Acetech state that in this ‘increasingly connected world it’s no longer about driving from point A to point B’. It’s rather about learning from what your vehicles are doing and utilising this information as soon as it’s captured to respond quicker, create a safer fleet for crew and passengers alike and boost performance. As far as we’re concerned any tech company that can benefit our emergency services is definitely one to take note of and this one is going from strength to strength. To read more, click here.


TradeIx is the world’s first open platform for trade finances, pioneering the way in the dawn of the ‘internet of trade’. The trade finances on the TradeIx platform unlock billions of working capital that have not been accessed by financial institutions or alternative funders. TradeIx are an award winning company and they are driving progress in facilitating change in the flow of goods, money and credit in global trade. They are building their platform by blockchain and distributed ledge technology, it is the most connected and secured platform infrastructure for assets managers, B2B networks and value added service providers. TradeIx are paving their own path and are putting Dublin on the map with every step they take as a company. To learn more, click here.

4. 3D4 Medical. 

3D4 Medical are the creators of complete anatomy, the worlds most advanced 3D anatomy platform. Their revolutionary cloud based education platform allows users to investigate the minute detail of the human anatomy in 3D. This company are transforming medical learning and practice across the world, leading the way in the production of ground breaking 3D medical technology. Their award winning software has been featured on stage at Apple and Microsoft events and is used daily in universities and clinical organisations around the world. To date there have been over 20 million downloads of 3D4 medical products globally.  3D4 Medical are progressing at an exceptional rate in their field. They are definitely a company to keep an eye on. To learn more about them click here.


Daon is a privately held software company that has pioneered methods for securely and conveniently combining biometrics and identity capabilities with large scale deployments that span payments, verification, digital  banking, wealth, insurance and seamless travel. Daon creates products to help manage identities in six countries across the full identity cycle including on-boarding, authentication and recovery, thus eliminating the threat of security breaches and fraud.  Daon delivers solutions needed to empower mission critical programs which demand the strongest levels of security and identity assurance and serves as a key technology behind leading financial companies including Visa, Mastercard and USAA. Daon is essentially using advanced technology to make the world a safer place, to find out more click here. 

6. First Derivatives. 

First Derivatives is a leading provider of products and services to some of the worlds largest FinTech and energy institutions. First Derivatives is also the leading developer of the world leading database technology KDB+. This company holds a niche market position in terms of domain knowledge of capital market assets classes as well as possessing a leading knowledge of financial services systems. First Derivatives are widely renowned for the quality of their services, their product portfolio and for their pragmatic and commercial approach. Their growth is the direct result of the importance they attach to their clients, understanding their businesses and building and maintaining strong relationships. First Derivatives are definitely making waves, click here to read more.

These companies are just 6 of a growing force in Ireland’s booming tech industry, Silicon Valley who? For more articles of this nature, visit Talent Cloud.









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