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Attract and connect with world-class talent, build private talent communities and enhance your employer brand 

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Talent Attraction

Building a great company starts with hiring great teams, and hiring great teams starts with attracting the best talent. 

InstaHire uses sophisticated algorithms, employer branding and recruitment marketing to ensure your jobs reach the talent that matters most.

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Talent Engagement

In today’s world candidates are social, mobile and and on the move. Employers need better tools to reach and engage these new tech savvy candidates. 

InstaHire uses both social and mobile tactics to engage talent, interview via chatbots and even onboard talent into your own private talent community. 

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Talent Management

InstaHire’s core is a powerful, but simple candidate management platform packed full of tools that save you time and help you get the job done!

Grow your teams like a pro and hire the staff you need when you need them, easily on InstaHire. 

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built-in A.I powered candidate matching technology

Tommy Rivers

Java Engineer –  87% Match 

skills match... 80%
experience match... 68%

Tommy has 3 years Java experience and has worked on SaaS IT projects. 

A Complete Hiring Solution

Smart ATS

hire faster and smarter with an ATS built for the modern mobile first world

Job Advertising

attract better talent and hire faster with data-driven job ads across the entire web

Smart List

get more productive with A.I matching that finds candidates for you

Talent Search

search a database of over 80,000 active and engaged candidates across Ireland

Talent ChatBots

save time and automate hiring tasks and run high volume activities at scale

Recruitment Marketing

build your employer brand, create talent communities and market your jobs

Talent Community

build and engage eager candidate pools with your private talent community

Recruiter Network

fill harder rolls by extending your open jobs to our Recruiter Network

Team Collaboration

assign users and hire as a team or add external partners collaborate effectively

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