How to articulate your brand to talent personas

how to articulate your brand to talent personas

Organisational employee value propositions are the key to attracting and retaining key talent. If you want to be a sought after employer, you need to catch the eye of your ideal candidates by differentiating your organisation from your competition. What’s pivotal in your EVP is the definition of the candidate who you seek to attract. The persona itself is characterised by the strength, skills and experience that define your perfect hire, who will not only be a fit for the role but a fit for the overall culture. Once you have developed your personas, you must define and nuture your target audience, their behaviours, preferences, job search strategies and demographic profiles. By gaining a true understanding of the target audience, it will be easy to create compelling content for them. Here’s how to articulate your brand to talent personas.

1.Tailored communication. 

Personas facilitate the design of an EVP that really resonates with the workforce, offering a guide for communication to the target audience. You really cant make assumptions in this capacity, you need to understand what constitutes success for employees in your organisation, what they like about your organisation and indeed what they don’t like. What’s crucial to remember with personas however, is that they aren’t set in stone, you must keep updating them to ensure they’re still accurate.

2.Employee-centered focus.

It’s  crucial to articulate your EVP in terms of what is valued by employees, using personal focuses on an employee centred approach. Try to think and talk about training, development and progression in conjunction with culture-specific elements alongside financial instruments. A well thought out and established employer brand enables potential employees to envisage themselves working for the said organisation.  Additionally, it’s important to showcase information about your products, mission and values. A measurable impact comes from effective activation of the brand, bringing to life the entire recruitment strategy. The articulation of a talent persona framework facilitates the understanding of expectations of a diverse and multi-generational workforce which will thus enable the HR team to design and enact innovative employee centered policies and procedures which ensure greater success.

The building and articulation of an EVP and a solid employer branding strategy is crucial for every organisation who hopes to recruit great talent. What’s equally as important however is ensuring you communicate both to the right audience using the right channels! You heard it here first folks!

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