Ratifying Equal Rights Amendment Could Speed Equal Pay, Corporate Board Diversity Laws

​It’s been nearly a hundred years in the making, but the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) soon may be ratified, bolstering calls for equal pay and greater gender diversity in the workplace.

Now that Virginia has a Democrat-controlled legislature and governor, it is poised to become the 38th state to ratify the amendment. Two legal hurdles—a deadline for the amendment’s ratification that has long since passed and five states’ rescinding ratification—remain. But if Virginia ratifies the amendment, employment law experts say that courts may let it stand.

Long Road Toward Ratification

Alice Paul, a suffragist, wrote the ERA in 1921 after women got the right to vote. She thought the 19th Amendment, which mandates equal voting rights regardless of sex,…

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Credit to Allen Smith, J.D. for the original post.

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