Parts of the Recruiting Process that Should be Retired

Like it or not, technology is king in today’s world. With the advent of social media, smartphones, Amazon, and the like, people have access to products, services, and information when they want it. Recruiters might not initially make the connection between technology and filling a position. But, the reality is, if you’re using antiquated methods to evaluate candidates, you may be doing more harm than good. Today, quick and easy outreach methods like texting are much more valuable tools for an applicant tracking system. Others, including the three below, are falling by the wayside.

Cover Letters

To the relief of job seekers, many of whom spend hours writing them, cover letters are considered outdated. In surveys, nearly half of all applicants admit to not sending a cover letter for a job. More than a quarter of all recruiters say that a cover letter is no longer a key…

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