Mistakes Recruiters Make When Interviewing Tech Talent

When you’re recruiting for open technical roles like engineering, the challenges can be endless. You’re often looking for skills and experience that didn’t exist 10 years ago — and that may not exist in another 10. You’re competing with big-name brands and cutting-edge start-ups. And that’s all before you get a candidate to take a good look at your job description. 

Aline Lerner is an engineer-turned-recruiter who has recently focused her attention on improving the systems and processes involved in finding, interviewing and hiring engineers. And the start-up she’s co-founded, interviewing.io, is helping tech talent practice with anonymous interviews from — as well as find jobs at — companies like Facebook, Asana, Quora and Twitter.

Here are her thoughts on how to recruit in-demand tech talent when you’re competing with the big brands. 


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