Michaels CHRO explains why the company is crafting a new culture

Every crafter has had it happen at some point: You’re rolling along on a project and see that you’ve made a mistake. Maybe you’re kitting and you suddenly realize that many rows ago, you dropped a stitch. If you ignore it, the entire project will always be askew. But fixing the work will take time and effort. Still, that’s the only way to get it right.

That’s the situation Michaels found itself in 18 months ago, Holly Shaskey-Platek, EVP-CHRO for the arts and crafts store, told HR Dive. Financial results weren’t meeting expectations, she said. Engagement numbers were high, but the company wasn’t seeing the desired results. After closing and rebranding its custom framing stores in 2018 and fighting with competitors like…

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Credit to Pamela DeLoatch for the original post.

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