Jobvite Introduces a Faster and Smarter Way to Schedule Interviews

The average time to fill is 38 days, but top talent is off the market within just 10 days. Speed is the name of the game in recruiting. While one hiring team is sending back-and-forth emails to schedule a candidate interview, another hiring team from a competitor is already interviewing and making an offer.

Candidate interview scheduling is a fundamental step in an organization’s hiring process, yet it often remains the culprit for a lengthy time to fill.

Jobvite is excited to release Smart Self-Scheduling to help customers like GroupM provide a more efficient interview scheduling process.

“The Smart Self-Scheduling feature has allowed me to seamlessly schedule with candidates without the need for back and forth calls or emails. I simply pick a few slots and when the candidate submits their availability, it gets automatically scheduled with detailed calendar invites….

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