The One Thing You Need to Understand About TA Transformation



The one thing you need to understand about TA transformation

“Transformation is a journey- not a destination”

This is the theme of my phone call with Paul Maxin- Vice President of Talent Acquisition, EMEA- in Publicis Sapient.

The line slips out and we acknowledge that it sounds like the tag line to a bad film. It would be easy to disregard it, if it weren’t so true…

Paul will be speaking on The Hiring Excellence Stage at UNLEASH World 22-23 October detailing the cause and effect of Publicis Sapient’s decision to undertake a complete hiring transformation project. His talk How to set your TA Vision & Roadmap covers Paul’s own journey to develop a maturity model specific to hiring and how he wants to share it with other organisations.

The need to transform your hiring strategy

After joining Publicis Sapient it became clear that the company was ripe for a transformation project. When the company was acquired, there came a natural shift in its business model and strategy.

It was clear they needed a hiring plan to reflect this.

There is a certain irony in the company’s need for a transformative strategy. Publicis Sapients is a digital transformation company. It prides itself on successfully supporting organisations as they achieve their own transformation processes. With 20,000 people and 53 offices around the globe, they would need to treat this internal project as a treasured client.

“When the company was acquired it became increasingly obvious that we had to signify our purpose and our mission. We needed to think about the present process and what we needed to do to align with the modern version of our company”.

Publicis Sapient had set themselves ambitious goals and it was obvious an overhaul of their hiring process was the key to success. For Paul, it was clear that they needed to establish a current baseline and future vision to inform their strategy and outcomes. They decided to do this by using a maturity model to help them structure their planning process.

Everybody is familiar with Bersin by Deloitte’s Talent Management Maturity Model. We wanted to go a step further and develop one we could use for our organisation as a collective.

So the experimenting began…

Maturity models as part of the transformation process

There are many benefits to adopting a maturity model to help you plot and measure and type of talent strategy within your business. It clearly dictates desired outcomes and prescribes disciplined planning and execution. However, it’s not always a case of tick-all-these-boxes and you achieve your desired result.

“This is what I mean about transformation being a journey.”

Paul and his team experimented with different maturity models and eventually settled on one they could transpose on to other areas of the business. They constantly evaluate the current process and tweak as often as necessary.

The Talent Acquisition Team at Publicis Sapient is constantly scrutinising their own process. Agility is key when it comes to these large scale projects. While they are still working on their overall goals, Paul feels the time is right to share some of his learnings with other leaders in the hiring industry.

Transformation and Hiring Excellence meet at UNLEASH World

SocialTalent is delighted to lead the conversation around Hiring Excellence as part of the UNLEASH agenda.

World-renowned industry leaders such as Paul Maxin will be sharing their stories on The Hiring Excellence Stage. Paul will be detailing how they chose a maturity model that suited Publicis Sapient and how TA transformation is a continuous process that can be mastered by others.

UNLEASH World showcases smarter ways of working, powered by innovative HR technology and the latest business transformation insights led by global executives from some of the world’s most exciting brands and organizations. As to be expected, the topic of transformation will be much discussed at this year’s conference.


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