The Great Re-Hiring: Life After Lockdown.

The great re-hiring: Life after lockdown

Things are slowly but surely returning to normal and soon businesses all over the country will be re-hiring again. While some organisations may have made decisions to return to their office space or to work remotely from now on there will undoubtedly be a need for new talent. When it comes to our next phase of re-hiring however (pardon the pun), there’s a lot to be considered.  Here’s some food for thought on the great re-hiring and life after lockdown.


Even prior to the pandemic, it was clear that there wasn’t enough being done surrounding diversity in the workplace. The Black Lives Matter protests however have hopefully catapulted this issue even more prominently to the forefront. While corporations boast of their commitment to diversity initiatives the statistics don’t correlate. In the U.S for example, discrimination against black candidates hasn’t declined in 25 years. This is wholly problematic. If Irish companies want to get a handle on their diversity and inclusion practices then their best opportunity is straight after lockdown. There’s no time like the present to make an effort against an age-old problem and a commitment to diversity is a good step foreword.

2. Virtual hiring. 

One thing that all recruiters and TA teams are more familiar with than ever is virtual hiring procedures. Never before has it been so easy to gain a sense of your candidate through remote practices. We can screen, pre-interview, interview and hire now, all from the click of a button. The covid-candidate experience hasn’t been a bad one. By getting a handle on a seamless virtual hiring experience, it could save a lot of businesses a lot of money. It’s noteworthy to mention it will save candidates time and money trying to make their way to headquarters’ for interviews.

3. Candidate’s considerations. 

The lockdown life has forced a lot of employees to take a long hard look at the company they work for. A new set of priorities is quickly coming to light. While once upon a time, salary and annual leave were the predominant candidate considerations there’s new priorities emerging. Company compensation, culture and remote working opportunities are just a few of the elements that candidates are raising voices about. When it comes to drawing up that job description, from now on, it might be beneficial to do some research on what your company offers in terms of those three factors.

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