Steps To Improve Candidate Care that You Can Take Today


If you’ve been following our series about candidate experience, you’ll understand by now the importance of candidate care. This week, we want to provide you with actionable steps you can take now to learn from the experience of your candidates with your interview process. Remember, you can learn more about how Intuit transformed their hiring process on the SocialTalent platform, where head of global TA Jennifer Mullen offers her valuable insights.

Your Say:Do ratio

Recruitment’s bad reputation may be improving with time, but there is something that still lingers over the industry when it comes to candidate perception. What recruiters say they will do compared with what they do is something that candidates often feed back negatively when asked about their experiences. Intuit’s Jennifer Mullen explains that one of the main reasons why recruiters have a bad reputation is due to this downfall. ‘i’ll call you with feedback on Tuesday’ doesn’t happen, and the candidate is left feeling confused and lost about the experience.

It is essential to address this issue right away. Even if you don’t yet have an update about the status of their application, if you tell them you will call them – call them. They will appreciate that you are keeping them in mind, and it will ultimately contribute to a positive experience overall, even if they are not successful in their application. As we outlined previously, a good candidate experience is essential for employer branding, and can seriously impact public perception of the company.

Candidate Ambassadors

For candidates, the recruiting process can be confusing and isolating. Intuit made it an essential part of their process to brief the candidate about every part of the recruitment process that they will go through, along with what will be expected from them each step of the way. As well as these expectations, they will also be informed of who they are going to meet, the time frame for each step in the process, and why it is carried out in this way.

This helps to ensure that the candidate feels they have their needs represented. It will create a relationship between the recruiter and the candidate in which they will be comfortable reaching out with questions, asking for advise, or seeking clarification. The ore communication between the recruiter and the candidate from the beginning of the process, the better.

Making a quick decision 

A week isn’t a long time in the world of a recruiter, but for candidates waiting to hear about their progress it can feel like a lifetime. Jennifer Mullen and her team make sure to get back to candidates as soon as possible, often on the same day as the interview. The easiest way to avoid wasting time in this regard is by having a clear checklist of skills and experience, and only progressing the candidates who are a hard ‘yes’ on every one of them.

Some hiring managers, leaders, and indeed recruiters will spend time thinking about a ‘maybe’ candidate when, in the experience of Intuit’s teams’ a maybe is usually a no. There is no point in wasting the candidate’s time, or your own, so make the decision quick and painless for both of you.

The SocialTalent Guide To Negotiation

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