Netflix’s Employer Branding Lead Shares the Secrets to Building a Winning Brand from the Ground Up


“A lot of times, when you talk about relocation, it’s always about, ‘This city is so amazing, come live and work here,’” Amir says. “What often isn’t talked about is the sacrifice that you make when you have to travel or relocate from one country to another.” 

By giving employees the freedom to talk openly about what they like about their jobs and any difficulties they face, you can create a more authentic, complete story about your company. While Netflix is known for high production value (they do make movies, after all), you can create similar content using just your smartphone. 

“There are moments where you don’t need to have a company message,” Amir says. “You can let employees speak on behalf of the company.”

3. Get other departments excited about employer branding and encourage them to pitch in 

Whether you have a whole department to lean on or you’re a team of one, you can scale your efforts faster by getting other departments involved. 

“Even though I’m one person doing employer branding proactively, I do think at Netflix it’s everyone’s job to do employer branding,” Amir says.

Amir describes his job as being a “thought partner” to Netflix’s regional hubs, particularly the recruitment and corporate communications teams. This starts with looking at recruiting data and figuring out what the priorities are, then creating projects that align with those priorities. Amir achieves this by holding a monthly sync meeting with both teams. 

“[I say], okay, what do we want to solve for your region or for your team and how are we going to make that happen?” he explains. “We ideate together and then they’re the ones that execute the projects.”

By becoming a guiding influence and providing examples and inspiration, you can encourage other teams to get involved, without it feeling like too much effort. 

“I think it’s important to provide all the tools and resources that they need,” Amir says. “But you want them to be just as passionate about employer branding as you are.”

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks, even if people say it’s not a good idea

Amir is passionate about experimenting and taking risks, especially if you want your employer brand to stand out. This can be as simple as taking something internal and making it public. Amir did this with an internal podcast called Inside Netflix.

“I was like, ‘Hey, why don’t we make this external and make the focus more around recruiting?’” he recalls. “I socialized it with our corporate communications team and they were like, ‘Maybe you shouldn’t do that. But if you want to take that bet, take it.’”

Retitled the WeAreNetflix, the podcast now features employees discussing the challenges and rewards of various roles the company is trying to hire for — and it’s immensely popular. 

“As we’re accruing recruiting data around employer branding, what we’ve noticed is this single-handedly has been the most influential thing that we’ve done all year,” Amir says. 

Taking another risk, Amir and another member of his team hopped on LinkedIn last year promising to answer any burning questions about what it’s like to work at Netflix. The Q&A quickly became Netflix’s most commented-on post.


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