LinkedIn Announces It’s Moving Its Core Talent Products Onto One Platform


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s an ancient idea that we’re putting to use by moving LinkedIn’s two core talent products — Jobs and Recruiter — onto a single platform to help talent professionals be even more productive. We’re calling this the New Recruiter and Jobs.

At the same time we’re moving these products onto one platform, we’re also taking the opportunity to address core customer needs with more than 15 new features. Some of these features will help recruiters be more productive and others will provide them with smarter results through proactive candidate recommendations. With the integration of our talent products, recruiters will be able to see all of their candidates for a role — whether they’re coming from Recruiter or Jobs — in a single unified talent pool. On top of that, the New Recruiter and Jobs will get smarter with every click and even provide you with proactive recommendations that continuously improve.

This integration of our products will also allow them to start learning from each other later in 2019. For example, job posts will target more relevant people based on the sourced candidates you message, and search results will get more relevant based on job applicants you save to your Pipeline.

Here are five of the most exciting features in the New Recruiter and Jobs:

1. A single Talent Pool: Manage search leads and job applicants for your role all in one place

Recruiters have told us they’re often frustrated by the need to jump back and forth between Recruiter search and Jobs. We heard you.

In the New Recruiter and Jobs, you’ll be able to organize both search leads and job applicants for an open role within a project. Whenever you create a project, you’ll have the option to run a search and post a job. You can search for new candidates and monitor your job applicants all in the same Talent Pool view. You can also save the candidates you like to your Pipeline, where you can move them through the stages of the hiring process.


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