Irish market update: How organisations are faring with their recruitment processes

We’re all well aware that the market is changing and everyone is asking the same questions: What are companies doing when it comes to hiring? Is the market going to get worse before it gets better?  Naturally, most companies have paused or drastically slowed down their recruitment strategies and are focusing on critical hires exclusively. Lots of companies are reviewing their hiring processes daily and are doing their best to retain current staff while addressing the prospect of new ones. While confusion has undoubtedly set in, here’s some uplifting food for thought.

1.Companies ARE still hiring!

The majority of SME’s up and down the country  are typically still hiring. Is it a more cautious practice? Yes. Is it strictly essentials? Yes. However it does exemplify a realistic degree of hope. What is pivotal during this time however is communication with candidates. Many start-dates have been pushed out and there is still uncertainty at every aspect of the recruitment process which means that now more than ever, recruiters and in-house TA teams need to be upping their communication practices.

Naturally now, we’re facing remote onboarding. This is something many recruiters and organisations haven’t had to face before. This has led to certain brands worrying about whether this will have an impact on their employer branding because a remote onboarding experience might not be up to their usual in-house standard. However once the candidate is continuously communicated with and introduced in the best ways  possible, it will not negatively affect your EB strategy.

2. Some industries remain relatively unaffected. 

Technology, health and FMCG are just some of the industries that are still hiring at a normal pace. Many organisations within this sector are still looking for great talent and are willing to recruit them ASAP. A lot of media coverage is centering on the negative at the moment and while there is a lot of it, it’s important to remember that there are still some open roles just waiting to be filled!

3.Alternative options are available!

When we think about alternative options to full time hiring, we automatically look to the negatives that Covid-19 has laid on our recruitment industry.  But these alternative options are fantastic because it still ultimately results in a hire. Contractors have been brought to the forefront. While some organisations might not be in a position to hire in the long term, they will hire on a contract basis. This means the candidate still lands a job albeit without the permanency. This, in these times, should be looked at as a positive however.  For a list of government options click here.

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