How the New LinkedIn Skill Assessments Will Help Streamline Your Candidate Search


At LinkedIn, our mission is to create a place where everyone has access to opportunities based on the skills they have, regardless of their background and degree. And new research by LinkedIn reveals that this is important to hiring managers as well, with 83% agreeing that skills and credentialing are becoming more important for hiring talent. However,  77% of hiring managers agree it’s hard to know what skills candidates possess without a skill assessment.

That’s why we are excited to announce we are starting to roll out LinkedIn Skill Assessments. Recruiters and hiring managers can utilize this new tool to more effectively pinpoint which candidates are a good match on the basis of proven skills.

Skill Assessments allows members to take standardized, short-form assessments to not only validate, but showcase select skills — from Microsoft Excel to Adobe Photoshop to Javascript — directly on their profile. The assessments are produced by leading independent industry and subject matter experts sourced through the LinkedIn Learning’s network. Members pass by scoring in the 70th percentile or above and can decide whether or not they want to display a badge on their profile.

What’s more, Skill Assessments feed into LinkedIn’s hiring ecosystem in a couple key ways:

Quickly identify candidates with relevant skills

The vast majority of employers (86%) agree that an easy way to verify candidate skills would save them time and help them decide who should move forward in the hiring process. 

With LinkedIn Skill Assessments, candidate search results in LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Recruiter will show member badges, helping recruiters identify and verify skill proficiencies to more easily fill their open roles. Recruiters and hiring managers also now have the option to filter by “at least one passed skill,” floating candidates with verified skills to the top of their search results.


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