How LinkedIn’s Products are Evolving to Support the New World of Work


The world of work is changing. How people find jobs, what they care about in a job and the skills they need are shifting. At the same time, people are changing jobs and functions more quickly than ever before, with 50 percent of professionals who change jobs moving to a different industry.

That’s why understanding what attracts and keeps people in a job is key for companies that want to hire and retain top talent. For example, 56 percent of millenials would not be satisfied with a position they define as “just a job” and 40 percent want to feel passionate about the work they do. With nearly 50 percent of the U.S. workforce expected to consist of millennials by 2020, paying attention to your company culture is important.

As we start to uncover and understand the fundamental shifts in the way people work and the skills they need to be successful, it’s becoming increasingly important for our products to change with the times. Here’s what we are doing:

Making your jobs more discoverable

The LinkedIn community has never been stronger, with 630M+ members and record levels of engagement (up 24% year over year). We’ve grown from 300,000 to 20 million job postings in the past five years, with members applying to 25 million jobs every week and a new hire made every 8 seconds using LinkedIn.

When it comes to the job search, it’s not just about finding the right job, but making sure your jobs show up for the right candidates. Here are some of the ways we’re making this happen:

Understanding job-seeker preferences

By having a better understanding of what candidates are looking for in their next role, whether that be desired job title, industry or location, we can provide recruiters with more applicants that fit the bill. We’ve streamlined the LinkedIn Jobs homepage to focus on discovery, giving members easy entry into their first search, updates on any new jobs posted for their previous searches, and personalized job recommendations based on skills and activity. We’ve also introduced a “remote jobs” filter and location search, to respond to changing needs of different generations.

Providing instant job notifications

We’ve invested in building a new set of instant job alerts to ensure sure candidates see jobs that are a good fit within minutes of it being posted, and we’re making it easier for members to hear directly from their network when someone they know is hiring.

Help spotlight your next hire

We are moving from a world where LinkedIn has primarily focused on Talent Acquisition to a world where we help companies plan, hire and develop their talent using our unique member data and insights.​ We don’t just want to serve up good candidates, we want you to see the top candidates for your role. Here’s how:

More insights in your hiring tools

LinkedIn Talent insights is helping companies to better understand their employees and how to attract new ones. For instance, you can see in real-time how well you’re doing at retaining people with the skills you’re hiring for and how much focus to put into developing those skills internally or improving your talent brand.

Customers have also found success with Recruiter System Connect. This tool connects your Applicant Tracking System with our talent products so your can ensure all the latest information for your potential hire is in one place. Our recent analysis found that it’s saving recruiters an average 3 hours per week.

We also spent the past two years rebuilding all of our recruiting products onto a single common platform, to capitalize on the increasing power of AI. New Recruiter and Jobs shares data and insights across your tools to power smarter and smarter search results and recommendations. This includes:

  • More collaboration with shared conversations to see the conversations your colleagues have been having with candidates
  • Screening questions will soon allow you to collect yes/no information to improve your ability to efficiently review applicants.
  • A new messaging feature that allows you to close the loop more easily with unqualified candidates by sending 25 InMails at once.
  • Automatic searches showing you the most relevant candidates, based on the criteria you define in a job post and all the actions you take across your pipeline, such as the candidates you choose to reject versus those with whom you move forward.


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