From Jack Dorsey to Jennifer Hyman, Here Are 15 Entrepreneurs on Productivity:



Entrepreneurs: They’re just like us. They, too, struggle to stay productive.

The difference between the Alexa Von Tobels and Richard Bransons of the world and the rest of us, however, is that the most successful founders actively search for and use powerful productivity hacks to help them stay the course.

In a new infographic, collects 15 of these productivity tips from 15 famous founders. They range from the startlingly simple — like Birchbox cofounder Katia Beauchamp’s insistence that people indicate when an email requires a response — to more elaborate techniques — like Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey’s tip on making all meetings Google Docs-based. See the full infographic below for more tips you can use to stay as productive as the world’s most successful entrepreneurs:


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