7 Signs You’re Not Delegating Enough — Plus 7 Tips to Get Better at It



In all the recent hubbub surrounding the designation of burnout as an occupational syndrome, one simple way to fight workplace overwhelm has gone largely unnoticed: delegate more.

Managers and leaders often set themselves up for exhaustion and steep productivity declines by refusing to delegate. This aversion is more common than you might think. One study found roughly half of organizations are concerned about their employees’ delegation skills.

We all have our reasons for not delegating. Maybe we think we can do the work better than anyone else, or we worry that delegating will simply draw out the timeline on tasks we could tackle ourselves. However, when we fail to delegate, all we really achieve is making our own lives harder. We’re also preventing our organizations from reaching full success: CEOs who delegate generate 33 percent more revenue than those who don’t.

So for the sake of your health — and your company’s — quit the excuses. Learn to delegate more effectively. Check out the new infographic below from Headway Capital for more tips on effective delegation:


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