5 reasons sales stars are obsessed with fintechs

5 reasons sales stars are obsessed with fintech

According to the global fintech report, the fintech market share across 48 fintech unicorns is worth over $187 billion  as of the first half of 2019. Globally, the fintech market is set to be worth over $200 billion by 2021. This industry is expanding at a rapid rate and we’re seeing more and more amazing talent make direct tracks for fintech everyday. In particular, there has been a major spike in interest from sales people who want to get a piece of the fintech pie. So what is attracting sales people directly to this sector? Here’s 5 reasons sales stars are obsessed with fintechs.

1. There’s rapid growth and an abundance of roles. 

There is currently rapid and unwavering growth in the fintech sector and contrary to popular belief all the roles aren’t in devops or an obscure code specific department. There is an abundance of amazing sales and BDR roles available in this industry. Naturally, if you’re a sales guru with a background in or understanding of technology/financial services, you’re going to be in an advantageous position.

2. There’s an atmosphere of innovation and raw drive.

Companies of all shapes and sizes within the fintech sphere share the same dream. They are all hungry to disrupt the traditional financial structure. In 2017, KPMG reported that 57% of global financial institutions identified fintech as the top source of disruption to their business. This innovative spirit which is deeply ingrained in the industry has made fintech an engaging and exciting environment for talented sales gurus. It’s likely that working in fintech, sales people will be surrounded by people who truly believe in the product at hand. This is the ideal space for sales people to be immersed in as it provides a sense of reaffirmed confidence in the product they are selling.

3. Fintech’s offer job responsibility and career progression.

With Fintech’s operating at the forefront of innovation, companies need to be both flexible and adaptable in order to skyrocket in an ever changing domain. For salespeople fintech careers can offer a hugely rewarding and unique environment which is ideal for true sellers who thrive in a high energy setting.

4. Fintech is a global industry.

Pivotal cities are considered to be global fintech hubs meaning that they are exciting places for sales people to further their fintech careers. The growth of fintech is playing out on the world stage which means that the market for sales people in this industry is limitless. Did somebody say an opportunity to travel?

5. The chance to make a  lot of money. 

Fintech products are typically innovative and make lives easier which means that oftentimes they are more well received than other products in the sales market. This is naturally good news for salespeople. A significant proportion of fintech sales roles have uncapped commission amongst other amazing perks, so talent is subsequent drawn to this field.

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