Highlights from the Jobvite 2020 Planning Guide

Part of the fun of ending one year is dreaming and planning for the next! At least, the team here at Jobvite thinks so. Which is why we released our Jobvite 2020 Planning Guide. It’s always nice to start the new year prepared and ahead of the competition, eh?

Here are a few highlights from the guide that will help you anticipate the opportunities that await in the coming year for your candidates and your talent teams.

1. Develop a Workforce that Welcomes Every Generation

Like every other talent and tech organization, we have researched and written fairly extensively about the emerging generation entering the workforce, mainly Millennials and Gen Z. And while we remain thankful to these generations for their tenacity in driving company culture and love of tech, we wouldn’t want to forget about the benefits and perspectives other generations bring to the workplace,…

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