5 Reasons to Consider Working at Fenergo 

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Dublin has been named the Silicon Valley of Europe with good reason: there are tons of tech firms and startups opening their European HQs here!  With so much diversity and such a high volume of great companies vying for top talent like you, how do you choose who to work for next?

Our team here at Talent Cloud would like to highlight an industry leader in Fintech, Fenergo, as a great place to consider if you’re thinking about a new job.

Career progression opportunities

Although everyone loves a free lunch, you’re really at your job to work. Having a good and clear career progression path is key when you consider the longevity of your position. And Fenergo are forward thinkers, who strive to ensure that their employees grow and excel.  Fenergo have put in place great programmes to upskill their workforce through workshops and courses called the Fenergo University.

They provide an in-depth induction as well, to ensure new hires are fully equipped with everything they need to succeed from day one! So if you want to build a long lasting and impressive career, you should definitely think about applying to Fenergo.

Employee recognition programmes

Fenergo puts their EPIC values at the centre of everything they do. They value the people that work for them and take care to ensure their hardworking employees are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. 

  • Fenergo puts on quarterly EPIC Employee Recognition Awards to highlight the best employees to the whole company 
  • Monthly Service Awards are hosted to celebrate work anniversaries for the whole staff.
  • Every month they organize social events after work for everyone to participate in
  • Offer opportunities for all staff to take part in Fenergo’s CSR and charity events.

Flexible work policy

Commutes can be rough, so the flexibility Fenergo offers in terms of scheduling your work hours is really convenient. Parents may need to drop the kids off in the morning and would prefer a later start, while commuters from farther away may want an early start to beat the morning and afternoon traffic coming in and out of town.
Another great perk Fenergo offers all employees is the option to work remotely 4 days a month. Spending Fridays in your local coffee shop or your own sitting room is a really great opportunity to save time on commuting to the office and work comfortably in your own environment!

Convenient City Centre location

Located in the Silicon Docks of Dublin, the Fenergo HQ is conveniently located near the major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Hubspot. It is within walking distance of Connolly Station, Busaras, and the last Red Luas stop. After work, just a short 20 minute walk to city center for some shopping or drinks with coworkers, what’s not to love?

Frequent company events

Fenergo has regular team building, food related, and well-being events for all their employees to attend. The host monthly pizza Fridays, where employees can have a relaxed environment to chat with coworkers in other departments. These are really popular and provide a nice end-of-the-week decompression for the whole company.
If you want to work off that pizza party, Fenergo has regular lunchtime fitness events. You can eat a light salad and bring your yoga pants, all incentivised by a great employer!

If you’re interested in looking into Fenergo’s open positions and learning more about the company, check out their company profile on Talent Cloud.

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