Gartner: Of the 4 manager types, only 1 boosts employee performance

ORLANDO, Fla. — Employees are stressed and so are managers.

Whether it stems from organizational upheaval, managing across teams with multiple moving parts or the chaos of mergers and acquisitions, more is expected from managers.

What’s a tech leader who wants to build, engage and encourage the workforce, to do? 

While some want to debate the reason for the talent drought, few disagree that the pool is dwindling or that it’s difficult to develop and retain valued workers. 

HR departments and recruiting teams tell the C-suite employees want training. They want to be prepared for today’s job market and tomorrow’s. 

Part of building a strong team, said Jaime Roca, senior vice president, Gartner, during a…

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Credit to Deborah Barrington for the original post.

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