From Ghosting to Stolen Identities, Jobseekers’ Spooky Candidate Stories

Hear candidates recount their scariest candidate experiences — and discover how you can avoid the same mistakes and frighten potential employees away.

We’re huge fans of Halloween here at Jobvite, and with the spooky season being just a few days away, we wanted to get in the spirit by asking around to see if any of our staff or customers had any scary candidate experiences worth sharing.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most terrifying tales we heard, and how you can make sure the boogeyman of a poor candidate experience doesn’t darken your organization’s door!

*Some of the stories have been edited for clarity or length

A couple of classic ghost (ing) stories:

“I was once interviewing with a large pharmaceutical company and thought I had a great interview with the hiring manager. At the end of the interview, she walked me out, and said “I’ll talk to you…

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