The 5 best recruitment platforms in Ireland right now.

best recruitment platforms

Recruitment software makes every HR guru’s life simpler. And we all want an easy life right? There’s plenty of well known platforms in existence, some you might have heard of and some you haven’t. At Talent Cloud, we’ve made an effort to sniff out the recruitment platforms you need to know about.

So here’s the top 5 online recruitment platforms in Ireland right now. Listen up!


Chances are you have heard about the AI assisted platform InstaHire. And if you haven’t, you need to. Insta-Hire so aptly state that ‘building a great company starts with hiring great talent’. InstaHire uses sophisticated algorithms, employer branding and expert recruitment marketing to ensure that client’s jobs reach the talent that matters in the most efficient way possible. Insta-Hire’s platform is savy in the sense that it links to socials in order to ensure that jobs are seen by potential candidates, everywhere. This platform essentially allows you to do everything you need to do for a seamless recruitment process and it lets you do it all in one place. Take it from us, if you need talent then you need InstaHire.And before finish with Insta-Hire, they’ve made their job-ad posting service free for businesses during the pandemic.

Check them out! Click here to learn more about InstaHire.


Workable isn’t just a big deal in Ireland it’s a big deal world wide. Through this platform you can find and attract talent by posting to over 200 sites with one click. You can move the right candidates forward by easily collaborating with hiring teams. This site also provides you with the ability to evaluate applicants and gather feedback to decide who’s the best candidate for the job. Automate everything and speed up your time to hire with this trendy platform. Click here to learn more about workable. 

3. Jobbio. 

Recruitment platform Jobbio is also an excellent service. This particular software allows you to manage your hiring process with ease. Their talent management platform is full of features that are designed to save you time and effort and to narrow down your search for applicants by skill or location. You can also implement auto-replies and use staging to quickly move candidates through the hiring process or to save them to your talent pool for future roles.

Gain a better insight to potential hires by reviewing bios of experience etc. If you want to learn more about Jobbio click here. 

4. Job Adder Ireland.

Job Adder Ireland is our fourth platform to make the list. Job Adder gives your business a competitive edge through its fantastic use of ai, mobile and user experience. You can integrate job adder with the tools you use everyday. You can manage cheques, psychometric testing and email marketing. Eliminate admin by using this site’s powerful automation feature.

This is an intuitive, fast and effective platform. For more information on Job Adder click here. 

5. Manatal. 

Manatal makes recruiting candidates easier than ever. Whether you work for a recruitment agency or an inhouse team, their cloud based recruitment software is made for you. You can link your job ads with an easy to use solution. Manatal also use an AI recommendation system. Additionally, they keep track of all data related to candidates and leverage this information in your hiring process.

This site also allows you access to your candidates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles which always comes in handy, right? To learn more about Manatal, click here. 


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