How Recruit M is helping in-house talent teams attract better talent, faster!

Attracting talent is easy however attracting the right talent is a different ball game. In this day and age it can be hard to find really great talent that will fit the bill at your organisation. After this pandemic, a lot of really fantastic passive candidates will be inclined to stay in the security of their previous roles rather than looking for new ones. This means that if you want to entice some extra-special candidates you need to really stand out. Does this make you anxious? Well fear not because this is where recruitment marketing agency ‘Recruit-M’ comes in.

So who are they?

Recruit-M are essentially leading experts in recruitment marketing and employer branding. They differentiate your organisation from your competition by helping you to stand out along every step of the candidate journey. If you want to entice the best candidates for your roles, then you need to familiarise yourself with these experts.

And how do they do it?

1.Programmatic jobs.

Recruit-M makes it their job to make your available opportunities not only appropriate to suitable talent but to really capable talent also. This agency thinks beyond job boards and ensures that the right candidates see your job ads everywhere!

2. Talent pipeline.

Build a relationship-centric talent pipeline of candidates who can be contacted at the drop of a hat when the right role for them becomes available. Recruit -M will streamline the candidate experience for all of your talent prospects and will ensure that you nuture them appropriately and make great hires!

3.Recruitment chatbot.

Recruit-M will built you a recruitment chatbot that ensures instant connections with candidates when it matters. Engage with both passive and active candidates and allow for dynamic conversational experiences that take the hassle out of initial screening.

4. Tailored content.

The content team at Recruit M will develop highly specialised and engaging content that will appeal to the candidates which your business is trying to attract. They will draft blog posts and social media material that ensures that your company stands out against the masses and ultimately achieves great hires!.

These are only four of the offerings on the table at Recruit-M. Packages can be tailored to your needs and Recruit-M will aim to help you with your recruitment process wherever you need it.

For more information on the Recruit-M services. Click here.

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