Wellness in the workplace and why Fenergo is ahead of the game.

Workplace wellbeing: Why Fenergo is ahead of the game

Employee wellness looks at the individual in the office (or at home) and encourages them to make healthy lifestyle choices with the purpose of benefitting the culture in which they work. It covers health promotion both in mind and in body. Renowned award-winning Irish-owned global technology company Fenergo are an example of an organisation who are championing employee wellness and wellbeing in equal measure.

Here are some examples of Fenergo’s work and what we can learn from it.

1. Yoga and lunch-time fitness classes.

While some of us tend to sink into our chairs while scoffing down a sandwich at lunch employees at Fenergo are encouraged to get active in short bursts. Yoga is just one of the offerings that Fenergo has promoted for all of their employees in Dublin and around the world. While staff are currently working from home Fenergo hasn’t ceased it’s efforts to promote mobility. They’re currently offering all of their yoga classes virtually to employees. This is a keen example of consistency and it’s something which most businesses could learn from.


2. Social activities and sporting occasions.

While one might argue that social activities and team bonding sessions don’t technically fit under the label of ‘wellness’, here at Talent Cloud we’re going to disagree. A company who values positive mental health in the workplace is also a company who makes an effort to bring people together outside of work hours. Knowing when to clock off is key to maintaining a healthy work/life balance and therefore a healthy mindset. Fenergo encourage their employees to have fun when they clock off and to enjoy things like bingo, pitch and putt, and quizzes together.


3. Streamlined and stress-free remote working opportunities.

Work from home life isn’t organically a seamless process. It takes effort and planning from management within organizations. Fenergo have done their ultimate best to make this transition as easy as possible for their employees.  They have sent out all of the required equipment to staff to ensure that everyone can get down to business comfortably. From laptops to desks and chairs, Fenergo have offered up some amazing gestures.



If you want to know more about this fantastic place to work. Or if you’re thinking about applying for a position at Fenergo then there is no time like the present to check out their careers page. Click here. 




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