Talent Solutions launch Cloud Recruitment, a cloud hiring service offering.

Talent Solutions launch Talent Cloud, a cloud hiring platform.

Talent Solutions continually do their utmost to streamline the entire hiring and recruitment process. They’re innovative beyond belief and if you haven’t seen their business booster for businesses re-hiring after the pandemic offering then you need to. Their most recent launch is equally as tantalizing. They are officially launching their revolutionary cloud hiring service named Cloud Recruitment.

So what is it?

A combination remote recruitmnet service and InstHire; a hiring platform that essentially allows you to handle all of your hiring needs. You will be able to log in to your very own dashboard and see the jobs that have been posted and where. You can handle all of your job ads,  screening and interview arrangements from this technical and savy platform.

Why do you need it? 

If you want to take the hassle out of your recruitment process, if you’re tired of trying to micro-manage or pay extortionate amounts of money to have someone help you with all your admin then Talent Solutions is undoubtedly for you. If you want to use a seamless platform that was designed by HR experts, then you need to research this offering.

What to check out?

To see how TalentSolutions have established themselves as true leaders in the HR and talent acquisition game then you need to have a glance at www.talentsolutions.ie where this brand draft original and insightful content weekly that center around the HR and Talent Acquisition processes.

This is first hand content designed to help by experts in the field and the platform is no different.


If you want to view more of Cloud Recruitment then you should click here.



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