Post pandemic: How to ensure your employer brand remains strong

Post pandemic: Whats does it mean for your brand?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, company after company have filled our inboxes with emails discussing their response to the virus. We have seen various forms of content detailing ‘measures being taken to ensure staff are protected’. While all of these emails are stemming from the right place, their authenticity is more commonly being called into question. In times of crisis, people are surprisingly more desensitised to what your brand is saying and a lot more tuned in to what your brand is actually doing. So here’s: Post pandemic. How to ensure your employer brand remains strong.

It’s indisputable that for years to come how companies responded to this pressure will be impacted by their employer brand. In order to ensure that your brand comes out of corona with as solid a brand reputation as you had when it began then it’s crucial to be aware and take precautions.

So what do you need to do? 

Take a people over profit approach.

While everyone is aware that businesses need to manage their revenue appropriately in order to stay afloat during these unprecedented times, it’s also crucial that your business isn’t seen to prioritise profit over employee wellbeing. If you want to ensure that your employer brand goes from strength to strength and emerges from the ashes post-quar then you have to put  strategic plans in place.

If you aren’t in a position to contribute additional monetary aids to your employees during this time there’s other things that you can do to promote employee satisfaction. And thus, sustain your employer brand. Do your best to ease the work from home flow, ensure you or your respective managers are checking in with employees and asking them if they need help with anything. Make sure that staff are given ample time to get settled during this period by extending deadlines where possible. Be considerate to the fact that some wifi’s are slower than others and some kids are more demanding than others. If you’re seen to really care during this period, you can be sure that your employees will tell others and hence you’ll always attract talent.

Make charitable donations.

If you are in a financial position to make a charitable contribution now would be the time to do it. Some of the initial noise has settled and your contribution has more of an opportunity to be heard. It’s always a good gesture to give something back. You could make a positive difference during this pandemic while also strengthening your employer brand moving forward.

Put a structured plan in place.

Lots of people were anxious about the uncertainty that surrounded the transition of leaving our offices and setting up shop at home. However, the return journey will presumably also make people anxious, they will now have to undergo the reverse transition of leaving the comfort of their own homes and potentially their kids. It’s crucial that management where possible keep employees really up to date with dates and transition periods etc. It’s also crucial that employers offer every support necessary.

By sitting down and truly thinking about how best you can help your employees during this time, you are actively going to strengthen your employer brand either directly or indirectly. Turn this negative situation around into a positive for your employer brand this year.

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