Insta-Hire makes their recruitment platform free to help businesses recover from COVID-19.

InstaHire makes their recruitment platform free to help businesses recover from COVID-19.

Home-grown recruitment technology start-up Instahire have made a touching sacrifice amidst the chaos of Covid 19. Their platform which aims to help both job providers and job seekers in the recruitment space is taking a strong stance against the ongoing revenue struggle for SME’s. Insta-Hire has strategically decided to allow free job ad posting on it’s site amongst other key features.

This essentially means that employers can use the all in one recruitment platform free of  charge which naturally makes the world of a difference when pockets are tight. It also has the bonus effect of making it easier to spread the word about open roles to people who might be desperately seeking employment in the current climate. This is going to give businesses, in particular, smaller businesses a head-start when things get moving again.

Unquestionably, this gesture highlights the goodness that is present among Irish businesses during an incredibly trying time. This is a small scale organisation who have used their initiative and creativity to ask the question ‘how can we help other businesses like us during this unprecedented era?’

Insta-Hire is a futuristic and streamlined platform that simplifies the recruitment process and makes things easier and more effective for employers and candidates alike. Here at Talent Cloud we think that’s pretty phenomenal.

If you want to know more about this business and it’s overall offerings for small, medium and large organisations and how it can help you, you should check out their website here.

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