Spotlight: 5 recruiters to watch out for

5 recruiters to watch out for this month

Here at Talent Cloud we know recruitment and in particular we know great recruiters. Expert recruiters are a fundamental part of filling great roles. They streamline the candidate journey, the overall hiring process and they ensure that the right candidate enters the right organisation. Agency recruiters always want to maintain a positive relationship with their client so they won’t jeopardize that sacred connection by referring any candidate who isn’t directly suitable. If you’re thinking of using a recruiter to fill your open roles then: Here’s 5 agency recruiters to consider this month.

1. Tara Leonard Total Talent Agency 

First up is Tara Leonard who is a senior recruiter and head of partnerships at Total Talent. Tara has worked in the sales industry for years and also has extensive experience in retail. Tara heads up the Sales, Marketing, IT, Analytics and Operations sectors at Total Talent. Additionally, she comes highly recommended by clients. Tara recently explained via article that the reason she loves recruitment is because ‘each client is a different experience and each open role requires different tactics to fill’ . Every candidate Tara says, ‘is a new and exciting addition to my professional network’. If you’re looking for an expert to fill roles within your organisation then it sounds like you should contact Tara Leonard.

2. Mathilde Felber – CPL Recruitment

Mathilde is our second recruiter to watch out for. She is a senior recruiter at CPL and she has been with them for nearly 2 years. With a diverse career under her belt, Mathilde currently works part time on CPL roles while also working as a Talent Acquisition Partner for ResMed. With ResMed, Mathilde manages the full cycle of recruitment, conducts role briefings with hiring managers and advertises internally and externally among other roles. Additionally Mathilde also helps to mentor members at CPL and aids training for new starters. If you’re looking for a key recruiter with great experience then why not get in touch with Mathilde?

3. Cloe Stapleton – Osborne Recruitment  

Cloe is a senior recruiter & business manager at the Blanchardstown branch of Osborne Recruitment. Prior to this Cloe was a recruitment and business manager at Brightwater Recruitment Agency and has also worked for Adecco in the past. So it’s safe to say she has significant experience in the industry. Cloe began her career working with temporary and staffing contracts having worked for both multinational and indigenous companies. A native of Dublin 15, Cloe is well a-tune to the challenges for both candidates and employers along the M50 corridor. In addition to this glowing CV, Cloe also heads up the accountancy and finance recruitment division, so she’s definitely one to get in contact with.

4. Peter Toal – GKR

Peter is a senior recruiter at GKR. He has 5 years of experience in the recruitment industry and has specialized in the aviation sector. He has previously worked in pilot recruitment with multiple airlines around the world before making  the strategic transition to aircraft leasing. Peter’s CV is impressive and he’s definitely a recruiter to have on your radar for the future.

5. Lynda Guy – The Ascension Group 

Lynda is a senior recruiter at The Ascension Group and has over 15 years of recruitment experience under her cap. Prior to this role which she has been in for nearly 6 years, Lynda worked for Southside Personnel ltd. In her current role, Lynda manages a permanent and temporary office support desk, the expert sourcing of candidates, interviewing and job advertising. Lynda is also a keen problem solver in her field. We think with a career as extensive as Lynda’s that she knows a thing or two about great recruitment. Why not get in touch with her if you have roles to fill?

All 5 of these recruiters have relevant experience and work hard for the agencies with which they are hired. If you’re looking for a great recruiter, I suggest taking one of these into account. 


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