5 of the fastest growing NYC fintechs

5 of the fastest growing NYC fintechs

New York is one of the world’s greatest tech innovation centers. It is also arguably the most powerful U.S city in terms of finance. NYC fintechs are really paving a path and shaking up the scene. Here’s 5 of the fastest growing NYC fintechs that you definitely need to have on your radar.

Without further adieu….

1. Fenergo.

Who are they and what do they do:

Fenergo is an Irish company who is a leading provider of client life cycle management, anti-money laundering and KYC for investment, corporate, commercial and private banks. With every financial system in the world facing a hectic increase in regulation, a strain is being placed on banks to collect more data and documentation from clients which massively raises the cost of compliance. Fenergo essentially streamlines the entire process with their cutting edge solutions. It’s client base is impressive and includes  some pretty big players like BNY Mellon, BBVA and Westpac.

Although headquartered in Dublin, Fenergo has pivotal offices in New York, Sydney, Toronto and Dubai. Finally, it might just be your lucky day because Fenergo are currently hiring for their progressive New York Office. If you’re an enterprise sales star or a boss of business development, then click here.

Founded: 2008.

Funding: $155 million (approx).

2. Yieldstreet

Who are they and what do they do:

Yieldstreet is a technology platform that provides access to asset based investments. Yieldstreet allows you to participate in opportunities with low market correlation and target yields of 8-15% across litigation finance, real estate and other alternative asset classes.

The company creates a unique experience for investors at every level and provides valuable diversification and strength to most portfolios. Sounds clever right?

Founded: 2014.

Funding: $78.5 million.


Who are they and what do they do:

Policygenius is a platform which helps users find the most effective personalised insurance policy. Those looking for life, disability, auto or homeowners insurance have to fill out a small questionnaire and policygenius thus matches them with the top 3 insurance policies for their needs.

Essentially they’re taking the hassle of cutting through the noise and finding the perfect insurance policy and who doesn’t need that?

Founded: 2014.

Funding: $51 million.

4. Plaid.

Who are they and what do they do:  

Plaid is an investments company that gathers a mind blowing array of financial information in one clever, streamlined and visually appealing platform. There is a lot of financial data in circulation and there’s going to be more before there’s less.

The future is going to be pretty amazing for anyone who knows how to simplify it enough to bring younger and newer investors into the financial world and that’s exactly what Plaid are doing!

Founded: 2009

Funding: $15.2 million.

5. Bread.

Who are they and what do they do:

Bread allows consumers to set up monthly payment plans for much needed provisions, emphasizing speed, dignity and transparency for those who need it. It isn’t a bank and it isn’t a credit card or a payday loan.

It’s a new platform that treats financially challenged consumers with respect while providing merchants with a means of working that is mutually beneficial for the parties involved.

Founded: 2014

Funding: $140.3  million.

To name but a few, these are 5  fintech companies that are going from strength to strength in NYC. It’s going to be exciting to watch these companies grow and it’s great to see an Irish company at the top of the list. Watch this space. 




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