Which Glassdoor Profile Is Right for Your Company?

So you know that you want to engage with talent on Glassdoor — good choice! Over 67 million job seekers visit Glassdoor’s mobile applications and website per month, and because they’ve taken the time to educate themselves on a company before applying, they tend to be a better fit and stay longer once hired. In fact, Glassdoor candidates are 2x more likely to be hired. But with so many employers competing for their attention, how can your company stand out?

Signing up for a Glassdoor profile is a great first start. It allows you to showcase your culture, values and the benefits of working at your company. And make no mistake — candidates are actively looking for this information! 89 percent of Glassdoor users find the employer perspective important when researching which company to work for. As a result, 79 percent of users are more likely to apply…


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