The Pros & Cons of Rehiring Former Employees

A stellar employee at your organisation quits for a “better” job. Months later, you get an email. It turns out that new gig wasn’t so great after all, and now that employee wants their old job back. Do you rehire them?

Ask anyone 30 years ago, and their answer would have been a definite ‘no.’ Cut to today, though, with talent pools drying up and employees quitting their jobs in droves, and you’ll find the attitude around rehiring former employees who quit has noticeably shifted. According to a 2015 survey by WorkplaceTrends, 76 percent of HR professionals say they are more likely to hire these “boomerang employees” now than in the past.

So I’ll ask a different question: Should you rehire them? As with anything in recruiting, it’s complicated. Let’s look at the case for and against rehiring boomerang employees.

Why You Should Rehire Boomerang…

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