Texting in Onboarding: From Pre-Hire to the 90-Day Mark

Woman working on computer and textingText messages are among the most powerful communication tools in the arsenal of recruiters today. They can be used to connect with and maintain contact with candidates during the hiring process, while also being used to increase the chances of a new hire having a more positive onboarding experience. A survey of 1,000 employees across the country indicated that 64% of new hires are less likely to remain with the company if their experience with onboarding is negative. With U.S. companies devoting an average of 24 days and $4,000 to identify and hire each new employee, the incentives to keep that employee in the organization are high.

Targeting Passive Candidates

It is not sufficient in today’s recruiting environment to wait for candidates to initiate contact. Indeed, 75% of people who currently have jobs are open to other opportunities. Specially targeted text messaging can…


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