Talent Cloud’s top 3 places to work in Dublin.

Talent Cloud's top 3 places to work in Dublin

Dublin has been named the Silicon Valley of Europe with good reason: there are tons of tech firms and startups opening their European HQs here! With so much diversity and such a high volume of great companies vying for top talent like you, how do you choose who to work for next?

At Talent Cloud, we’ve been doing some thinking and indeed some research and we’ve compiled a list of 3 of the top places to work in Dublin right now.


Why Fenergo? Well they have a passionate interest in employee wellbeing and they’re a market leader on the world stage but most importantly they’re dedication to employee progression is unrivalled. 

Although everyone loves free pizza and game days, you’re really at your job to work. Having a clear career progression path is key when you consider the longevity of your position. And Fenergo are forward thinkers, who strive to ensure that their employees grow and excel. Fenergo have put in place great programmes to upskill their workforce through workshops and courses called the Fenergo University.

They provide an in-depth induction as well, to ensure new hires are fully equipped with everything they need to succeed from day one! So if you want to build a long lasting and impressive career, you should definitely think about applying to Fenergo. Click here to learn more.

2. WorkDay Dublin:

Why WorkDay? Workday is growing – fast! Over the past five years, their Dublin office has grown exponentially. And they’re just getting started. But we want to zone in on their unique culture for a minute.

Their culture and people are central to everything they do. This means fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, inspired, and like they belong. Here, you will get the opportunity to join legends in the industry, bright new grads, and some of Ireland’s most talented engineers who work with new technologies and partner with companies all over the world.

In 2020, WorkDay were voted the #2 Best Place to Work in Ireland marking five consecutive years being ranked in the top two. In addition to this, they have been ranked #3 Best Workplace in Europe and #5 on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2020. So they’re worth checking out. Click here for more information.


Why Salesforce? This organisations often makes  these kind of lists, they’re known for having an exceptional work culture amongst an array of other attributes. One that comes to mind is their rewards in particular.

Salesforce promote financial equality amogst their financial rewards. They benchmark regularly to ensure their compensation plans remain market competitive. Equal pay is now a core part of their DNA  and they run annual assessments to ensure everyone is paid fairly. Employees also participate in their generous Employee Stock Purchase Program. Salesforce also offer a personal pension plan. So if you’re looking for a workplace that promises financial rewards, look no futher. Click here for more information.

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