Sponsored: How to Vet Candidates & Prevent Bad Hires

If you’re short on time or resources, you may be tempted to make a common, yet often expensive hiring mistake: cutting corners on the vetting process for employment.

When you fail to thoroughly vet employees, it means you are more likely to hire someone who is not a great fit for the role. Whether they have a misfit personality for your organisation or their experience is not as relevant as they’d like you to believe, misfit hires will leave your company before long, putting you right back in square one: with a job that must be done and no one to do it.

To make the best hires who fit well with the job, team, company and its mission and culture, your vetting process must be thorough and tailored to the requirements of the job.

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Remember, if you want to vet someone effectively for a job, first you need to clearly identify the skills, traits…

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