So what does it feel like at the top? We sit down with Fenergo’s VP of Sales.

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Fenergo is one of a number of companies that put Dublin’s Docklands on the map as the next Silicone Valley. Fenergo in case you don’t know, are a leading provider of client life cycle management, anti-money laundering and KYC for investment, corporate, commercial and private banks worldwide. This organisation is a big fish in the game and is used globally by respected clients such as BNY Mellon, Westpak and Scotia Bank. I recently sat down (virtually, of course) with their VP of sales Liam Cuddy in New York to get an insight into what it’s really like to be a top seller at Fenergo.

So let’s go back to the beginning… Liam what was it like to leave behind a successful role in your previous organisation to move to a sales role in Fenergo?

‘I left some very high profile positions in financial risk management and banking to make the move to Fenergo 5 years ago’ he states. During this time Fenergo’s office in New York was operating on a smaller scale than it is now. He articulated to us however, that even 5 years ago, word was spreading down the grapevine through friends that this company was going to be one to watch!

He told us without hesitation that his move all those years ago was definitely worth the risk, ‘it was high risk but definitely high reward’ he chuckled. Liam watched the NY Fenergo office grow from less than 100 to 750 employees, showcasing exactly the kind of progression we would have expected from this market leader.

What’s a sales role really like at Fenergo is it as regimented as some other sales roles in the market?

Liam disagreed immediately. He stressed that Fenergo is one of the few companies where he has experienced exceptional free reign and creative opportunities. ‘Fenergo gives you the building blocks, it gives you a starting script but from there you can really make it your own, you’re never expected to regurgitate, there’s vast opportunites’. ‘You have control over your own approach to selling, which is really unique’ he stated.

How has Fenergo contributed to your sales skills? Has it moulded you into the dynamic sales boss that you are today?

‘Definitely’, Liam says without hesitation. He goes on to speak about the people who Fenergo surrounded him with and how they have aided his success. The people at Fenergo have contributed to the narrative on positioning the product and have gifted considerable knowledge to the sales teams. There’s a special atmosphere amongst the staff at Fenergo in New York that helps the sales team to do what they do best. They’ve allowed sellers to use their own approach to forge key relationships and make big sales.

Has Fenergo given you access to key clients or have you gotten air time with high end decision makers?

‘I’ve met CEO’s the best of the best. I’ve also spoken with people on digital transformation teams and customer service teams around the world’ Liam informs us. Through working with Fenergo Liam has met an array of decision makers. He has also however, met people who use their solutions on a daily basis down the line of command. This in turn has made him even more in tune with the solutions he sells and has no doubt contributed to his enviable bottom line.

On the subject of money… what’s it like to work on the Fenergo sales team in terms of dollars?

You need to want to make sales, you should be coin operated, Liam articulates. If you’re hard working, you’re going to receive really substantial monetary rewards here. The commission structure at Fenergo is highly aggressive and uncapped. ‘Ive never made less than $180’000’ he answers honestly. There’s a lot of money to be made at Fenergo, there’s absolutely no doubt about that.

Is there a future for sales people at Fenergo? Can you really progress or do roles ever become stagnant?

‘There’s a huge emphasis on progression at Fenergo’, Liam begins. He tells us of how he started in a role which primarily surrounded the management of people. But when he emphasised that he wanted to be in a position of making key sales, he was heard. Liam is now one of Fenergo’s top sellers and he has watched similar developments take place amongst many of his colleagues. Now if that’s not progression, I don’t know what is?

Talk to us about Perks… what are the key benefits of working with Fenergo?

Liam doesn’t beat around the bush, he references the money firstly. ‘Obviously there is a huge monetary incentive’ he admits. Aside from that, there is ‘unlimited progression and development in tandem with massive opportunities to navigate your own ship’. ‘There’s also world wide travel on the table, if that is something that tickles your fancy but you wont be pushed in any direction that doesn’t suit you’ he stresses.

Liam tells us while working at Fenergo in NY, he’s travelled to Ireland, Austrailia, Zurich, Hong Kong and many more. Fenergo opens doors up on a global scale it seems and sets you up for a long and successful career if you’re hungry for it.

If you consider yourself to be a sales guru and your hungry for success, then we’re happy to let you know that Fenergo in New York are currently hiring. For more information on this opportunity click here.

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