So what does it feel like at the top? A success story continued.

So what's it like at the top.

After sitting down with Liam Cuddy last week, we were hungry for more captivating tales from the Fenergo sales team in New York. This week we spoke to Executive Director of Sales and Business Development Lana Chin. She’s one of the sales team whose at the top of her game in the New York scene at the moment. Here at Talent Cloud we were eager to learn about how Fenergo attracts such great talent and what’s the making of these amazing sales stars?

So Lana…. where were you before Fenergo, why did you leave and was it worth the risk?

‘I’ve worked in Fintech all my life, before Fenergo I was luckily enough to be a part of a very successful start-up where I had the opportunity to wear multiple hats’ she tells me. So why leave? ‘You have to take risks because you have to grow and embrace change and if you do it puts you in an exciting place’ she articulates. ‘Fenergo was definitely worth the risk’.

From a monetary perspective was it worth the risk?

‘Absolutely’ Lana smiles. ‘There’s a really great commission structure in place and of course people in sales really care about that’. ‘The amazing thing is that even the CEO is actively supporting you to make great sales. If I think it will help me make a sale if the CEO can be with me in a meeting, he will fly across the Atlantic to support me, it’s pretty unique’ she states. We’re not going to lie here at Talent Cloud, we think that’s pretty great.

Was there anything that struck you about Fenergo initially when you made your move?

‘There was just this obvious and tremendous growth potential’ Lana states, it’s clear from talking to her that she could instantaneously see the golden nugget that Fenergo was from the outset. ‘There was flexibility, a supportive structure and a supportive network’ ‘ I was and continue to be excited to go to work everyday’.

So let’s talk more about that network and your colleagues? What’s so different about the people you surround yourself with at Fenergo?

‘They’re so smart and you have to work with smart people so you can keep learning’ she admits. ‘I’m constantly learning from them and they’re so passionate that it feeds into a collective motivation’. ‘Its a really supportive space, everyone’s invested, everyone’s intentions are good. They make me want to be better’ she says enthusiastically. There’s genuineness in her eyes, the sales teams at Fenergo really do sound uniquely amazing!

Ok, the golden question here it comes. What’s the top 3 best things about working at Fenergo.

Lana doesn’t hesitate, she doesn’t need to ponder. ‘The support from the top all the way down the line, it’s not just sales executives that are selling, the whole team in every department is, and whatever support you need, it’s there’. Number two she continues ‘its the progression, there’s multiple projects and sectors for salespeople to get stuck into and you’re given a real chance to move up the ladder’. ‘The commission structure and the aggressive comps make things amazing’.

Any golden advice for someone who thinks they’re up for the challenge?

‘Research the company, research the clients. You need to really do your homework if you get the chance to apply for Fenergo’ Lana says matter of factly. Well from what we have heard, here at Talent Cloud we think Fenergo are one of the best employers out there.

If you’re an experienced and hungry sales star, then you should apply for one of Fenergo’s open roles. Click here.

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