How To Get Hiring Managers Engaged in the Recruiting Process

When it comes to hiring, teamwork, efficiency, and engagement are essential for success. On average, it takes 42 days to fill a position. Of the reasons why people don’t ultimately accept a job offer, nearly 50% say it’s because they got another offer while waiting to hear back from an interviewer. For many companies, that means there’s room for improvement to close gaps and shorten the hiring time frame in their applicant tracking system.

Getting Hiring Managers Involved

Hiring takes time and teamwork. However, there’s quite often a disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers. Traditionally, hiring managers don’t get engaged until later on in the process. However, studies show that the earlier hiring managers get involved, the more likely it is that you’ll find a candidate who’s a better fit for the job. One way to get them involved initially is to have…


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