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Glassdoor is excited to launch a new domain in Spain! Our monthly traffic worldwide exceeds 67 million unique visitors(1), with over 40% coming from outside the U.S.(2), and we now have 19 international sites. With our continued growth and international expansion, we’re committed to delivering more value and candidates to employers.

Currently, Glassdoor’s localised presence in Spain has over 77,000 jobs, over 63,000 reviews and insights and an attractive talent pool for top global employers such as Indra, Telefónica, veers, BBVA, Santander and Amadeus.

“Glassdoor has always appealed to a wide global audience and with increased focus on Spain, we are looking to make the Glassdoor experience for people and businesses in Spain even more valuable,” said John Lamphiere, Vice President and Managing Director of Glassdoor EMEA.

As part of our launch into Spain,…


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