5 Common Hiring Problems and How to Solve Them

With thousands of online job boards, it’s important that you’re as selective about where and how you’re posting your open positions as you are in your hiring decisions. If you’re not getting the response you want after you post your jobs, or if you’re running into problems after you make the offer, check out these tips.

1. No one is interested.

When no one is clicking your job postings, review the first thing that candidates see when they find your job listing: the job title. Many candidates may be researching their current position’s average salary or preparing for interviews, so it’s important to incorporate search engine logic in your job title. If it’s a tech job, avoid a title like ‘Coding Superstar’. Instead, use what search engines (and most people) will look for—job titles like ‘Software Engineer’ or ‘Web Developer’ are more likely to get…


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