Does Your Firm Need A Head of Diversity & Inclusion?

Amidst a rapidly evolving social consciousness, today’s employees expect a more diverse and inclusive working environment. In Glassdoor’s 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Study, 54 percent of UK workers said that their companies should do more to increase diversity and inclusion (D&I). And it’s not just employees who feel this way — many large, well-known employers do too.

“Without inclusion, diverse talent cannot thrive, innovation cannot happen, unique ideas and perspectives will remain untapped and the organisation ultimately misses out on the opportunity to grow further,” says Melissa Whiting, VP of Inclusion & Diversity at Philip Morris International (PMI). “Differences are what makes life interesting and inspiring; [today’s employees] want a melting pot of ideas and experiences. They don’t want everyone to be the same, because then what is there…

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