Court Upholds Dismissal Based on Workplace Proselytizing

​A nurse’s dismissal for improperly proselytizing at work was fair, the Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom recently decided.

The claimant was a Christian nurse, working in a preoperative assessment role at a hospital. As part of her job, she had to ask patients to identify their religion and note the response. The nurse often had further religious discussions with patients, which was not permitted. During these discussions, she did the following:

  • Told patients they would have a better chance of surviving the operation if they prayed.
  • Asked patients what they thought being a Christian was about and what Easter was about.
  • Gave a patient a Bible and told him she would pray for him.
  • Said prayers for patients.
  • Asked a patient to sing a psalm with her.

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Credit to Lisa Rix and Ben Smith for the original post.

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