Women on Maternity Leave Can Be Paid More than Men on Parental Leave


​In an eagerly awaited judgment, the Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom (U.K.) has resolved the question of whether employers must equalize shared parental leave pay and maternity pay.

The Court of Appeal’s conclusion, in the joined appeals of Ali v. Capita Customer Management Limited and Chief Constable of Leicestershire v. Hextall, is that paying women on maternity leave more than men on shared parental leave is neither discriminatory nor a breach of equal pay legislation.

Both the cases considered by the Court of Appeal concerned fathers who had taken shared parental leave in order to care for their infants.

In taking that leave, the fathers in question received less pay than they would have received if they had been mothers taking maternity…


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Credit to Esther Smith © TLT LLP for the original post.

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