What Happens to UK Citizens Working in Germany in Case of a No-Deal Brexit?


​The official deadline for the United Kingdom (U.K.) to leave the European Union (EU) is Oct. 31, unless the EU member states and the U.K. agree on an extension. The current prime minister of the U.K., Boris Johnson, wants the U.K. to leave the EU then, if necessary, without concluding an exit agreement with the EU. This would have consequences for U.K. citizens living and working in Germany.

According to the German Residence Act, non-EU nationals may live and work in Germany only if they hold a German residence title (a work and residence permit) entitling them to do so. If the U.K. leaves the EU, U.K. citizens would no longer be EU nationals. Since there are no special rules for U.K. citizens at present, they would be subject to the same…


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Credit to Saskia Hildebrandt for the original post.

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