Using Employees Preferred Gender Pronouns


“Hello, Jon, how are you today?” asks a co-worker. You stop in your tracks—shocked, speechless. Maybe you misheard? Not knowing what else to say, you respond, “I’m fine, how are you?” But you’re not fine. What’s the problem?

The problem is that you are a cisgender woman—that is, you identify with the gender assigned at birth—and your name is Joan.

It’s bad enough if a co-worker calls you the wrong name. But, when it’s a name most commonly associated with a gender you don’t identify with, it’s an even greater affront. And that’s how it is, as well, with transgender people and personal pronouns. 

According to Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: A Toolkit for Employers, produced by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC),…


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Credit to Margaret M. Clark for the original post.

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