Think Your Work Week Is Long? It’s Shorter than Some


​It’s interesting, as U.S. workers head into the Labor Day weekend, to see how the U.S. workweek compares to others around the world. Countries like Belgium and Ireland average the same 37 hours as U.S. workers.

But the workweek can vary greatly between nations and continents, RS Components found when analyzing data from the International Labour Organisation. RS is an electronics distributor based in the United Kingdom.

The Netherlands, for example, has the shortest workweek—32 hours across five days.

Many Asian countries have people toiling much longer. Those in Qatar typically work 49 hours per workweek. The workweek there is typically longer, too, with six eight-hour days. That changes during the holy month of Ramadan, when the workday is…


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Credit to Kathy Gurchiek for the original post.

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